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Satomi Nakano
Recent Entries 
8th-Apr-2009 12:28 pm - x006
I caught a Lumineon the other day. It's much more useful than Chimecho and significantly less annoying. Lumineon doesn't flutter around me whenever I let it out of it's pokeball. Unfortunately, Houndour is under the impression that Lumineon is going to be a nice tasty treat for him. Anyone have any advice on how to stop that?

Private to Aki|Readable by Team SolCollapse )
15th-Feb-2009 10:12 am - x005
I received a note from a "secret admirer". I wasn't expecting it. I can't say Valentine's Day is a favorite holiday of mine. I find the day rather useless with all these displays of love and affection.

I think I'll visit Cardinal City sometime soon. Perhaps I'll see that girl... what was her name? Shizuka?

[Private to Aki]

I'll be visiting Magnolia City very soon, if you wouldn't mind my company for a little while. I'm sure Minyako hasn't been giving you a very easy time lately.
9th-Jan-2009 01:19 am - x004
Yasushi, would you mind if I spend a few days away from the Gym? A family friend has been killed recently and I need some time to myself.

[Private to Team Sol]

I've been spending some time investigating the Ruins. I've made some interesting findings, lately. I know I'm not in charge of what places we raid, but I suggest we pay a little more attention to the Ruins. Espeon seems to think there's something even more interesting that we have yet to find.
2nd-Jan-2009 08:40 pm - x003
[Private to Self | Visible to Team Sol Commanders]

It seems Old Rose Town was not a good place for me to be stationed. Espeon is amused by the turn of events. She revels in my discomfort, it seems.

After spending eight years there, my parents have decided that Russet City was not to their liking. Imagine their reaction to finding their daughter still in Old Rose Town when they returned.

This will put a damper on my mission. I was planning on holding the stolen Pokemon in the home they left behind until it was safe for me to find a way to send them to Eurus.

I'm very displeased. I want to return to Magnolia City.
6th-Dec-2008 12:43 am - x002
I've settled back into Old Rose Town rather nicely. Espeon is happy. I think she's also enjoying battling trainers in the gym and Chimecho as well. Poor Houndour must be missing battling so much, I haven't been training him at all lately. If anyone would like to battle me for the sake of training my Houndour, I would appreciate that greatly.

Private to EurusCollapse )
12th-Nov-2008 10:25 pm - x001
I'm off to Old Rose Town, it seems. I haven't been back since I was seventeen. I doubt anyone I know will still be there, no one around me seemed to like sticking around.

Espeon liked the town, though. I'm sure she's glad to be going back. She always liked wandering through the ruins, especially back before she evolved. She used to hide and bite anyone who walked past her. It was one of my favorite things about her.

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