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sadist_stretto's Journal

Satomi Nakano
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Satomi Nakano - Commander Eris

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Profession: Recently promoted commander of Team Sol at the Old Rose Town base.

Notable Possessions: A Dawn stone that she wears as a necklace.
Badges Collected: N/A. Never tried to collect them, never wanted to collect them.
Favourite Pokemon: Dragonair

Appearance: Satomi's appearance is very deceptive and it's very rare that she's suspected of being part of the criminal group. She stands about five-foot-three. Her hair is waist length and silver blonde. Her eyes are a combination of light hazel and blue and her face looks much younger and much more innocent than it should. When she's not dressed for evil doing, she usually wears very feminine clothes, flowing skirts and dresses.

Personality: She's very calm, almost scarily so. She's rarely excited and, when she's on the job, it's even rarer for her to smile. She's not a generally friendly or outgoing girl unless she sees something she can profit from in the friendship. She can be rather cruel to other people and while she's not an exceptional friend to pokemon, she's much nicer to them than she is to the people around her. She's arrogant, in a way, incredibly proud of herself having reached such a good position in Team Sol. Even so, she finds it easy enough to convince others that she's as innocent as the sweet little teenager she looks like. She can be rather flirtatious, though certainly not the giggling teen kind of flirting.

Hometown: Old Rose Town.

History: Satomi was born in Old Rose Town to rather normal parents. Her parents, however loving they may seem and act, feel a sort of resentment toward her because after she was born, her mother was no longer able to have children. Her parents, of course, never brought this up to her, but Satomi was never an oblivious child. She saw and knew more than she should have.

She grew up much like a regular girl, however. She watched pokemon championship battles on tv whenever they were on, played with her pokemon dolls, and had dreams of becoming the best coordinator Shiko had ever seen. She grew out of that quickly when she teased endlessly for her aspirations. At around eleven, she realized that not everyone can achieve what they dream about and if she wanted to be known for something, it would not so easily come from coordinating.

She received her first pokemon when she was thirteen, a few months before she was supposed to move with her parents to Russet City. It was an Eevee that a relative had sent to her as a present. Finding the small creature to be quite cute, Satomi was curious as to why they'd sent the pokemon to her. Not long after she began trying to train the Eevee, she noticed the incredibly foul temperment the pokemon had. She got along well enough with Satomi, though if anyone else was to come around they'd have to watch out because Eevee was likely to bite them. Everyone told Satomi that Eevee had a dark aura and was bound to evolve into Umbreon and everyone was surprised when the pokemon instead evolved into the psychic form, Espeon.

Espeon was the reason for Satomi remaining in Old Rose Town. The, still, ill-mannered pokemon refused to leave the city and Satomi refused to leave her, forcing her parents to decide if they would remain there or move as planned. They would, of course, have preferred if Satomi had just left the horrid- in their opinions- pokemon behind and moved with them, but Satomi was set in staying with her. So they moved, leaving their fourteen year old daughter to fend for herself in Old Rose Town- which is actually not that odd, considering they had expected her to leave and try to collect badges and train pokemon back when she was twelve.

Now on her own, Satomi was easily approached by members of Team Sol. Espeon was quick to protect her, but finding that they only wished to suggest she look into joining the criminal group when she was older. She was told a field agent had seen her training Espeon and had admired both the pokemon's gruff attitude and Satomi's unforgiving attitude towards the wild pokemon they were battling.

And so she did. When she was seventeen she found her way to Magnolia City- to the main base of Team Sol. She found it rather easy to climb the ranks of the group, supposing that the leader enjoyed not only her "end justifies the means" attitude, but also the fact that not only was she cruel to the trainers working to destroy their group, but many of the lower ranking members as well. She found little use in these grunts, considering both them and their pokemon weak.

Satomi came to admire the Leader, especially after they finally met when she was promoted to commander. While the girl doesn't exactly understand her leader's reasons for creating the group, it goes unquestioned. She has no reason to question. She would be glad to remain in Team Sol for as long as it took for her leader to achieve the world she strives for. And when that was done, not only would Team Sol have received acclaim, but Satomi herself as well. And that is what is most important to her.

Pokemon Team:

Pokemon: Espeon
Gender: Female
Ability: Synchronize
Short Bio: Espeon, as Eevee, was Satomi's first pokemon, given to her as a gift shortly before her fourteenth birthday. Espeon is quite foul tempered and is likely to bite anyone that comes near her. She prefers to stay in her pokeball, though Satomi often lets her out of the pokeball and won't allow her back in.
Moveset: Tackle, Confusion, Quick Attack, Swift

Pokemon: Chimecho
Gender: Male
Ability: Levitate
Short Bio: Chimecho is the newest of Satomi's pokemon. She was given him when she was working on her promotion to Commander. He was the result of some sort of breeding experiment, though Satomi was never quite sure what Team Sol would want with a pokemon like Chimecho. She's not incredibly fond of him, though she considers his psychic abilities useful. Chimecho is the only one of her pokemon that's considerably kind to other people. He also adores chasing after Espeon when both are out of their pokeballs.
Moveset: Astonish, Uproar, Yawn, Shadow Ball

Pokemon: Houndour
Gender: Male
Ability: Flash Fire
Short Bio: Houndour, while rough around the edges, is a much kinder pokemon than Espeon. He ran into Satomi and Espeon before she joined Team Sol and was quite determined to be caught by this clearly strong trainer. However, with both Satomi and Espeon having no mercy towards him, he was easily beaten. He followed the two of them until Satomi finally allowed him to fight Espeon again. When the battle ended in a draw, Satomi captured him. Satomi quickly grew to like him, he was ruthless like Espeon but much more eager to please, often prancing around Satomi like a puppy who was proud of himself.
Moveset: Ember, Smog, Bite, Beat Up